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Hairoots Hair Replacement and Salon specializes in creating solutions for men, women and children experiencing problems with hair thinning, hair loss or alopecia. We have been a leader for over 25 years and helped thousands of people restore their appearance and confidence.

Our primary focus has been to help clients develop and maintain healthy hair from the inside out. The Hairoots hair growth program combines good nutrition, customized products, vitamins, herbal supplements, along with our traditional hair care services.


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Welcome to Hairoots Hair Replacement and Salon

Are You Losing Hair Daily?
Are You Looking for a Solution for Your Hair Thinning Problem?
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Joanne Washington is the owner of Hairoots Hair Replacement and is actively involved in the daily operation of the hair restoration center. For many years, she actively participated in workshops sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Each year she opened her salon to support YMCA Encore Plus an organization known for arranging “free” mammograms for under privileged or women without health insurance.

Joanne and her staff have offered hair care solutions for people of all ages and backgrounds, by using a health and wellness approach. She understands how medical issues can affect hair thinning and how to identify the underlying causes. Five years ago, Joanne lost excessive amounts of hair and had to use her own techniques to stop the hair loss and restore the growth of her hair. Her hair treatment programs have helped hundreds of clients restore their hair.

Maureen sent this wonderful letter after receiving hair therapy treatments...

“When I started my laser treatments, I had very little hair. Joanne explained to me how the treatments could help stimulate my hair to grow but it would take work from the both of us. She also told me that my hair would not grow overnight and that there were no magic pills. Therefore, I had to roll up sleeves, follow her step- by- step program and commit to a six-month treatment program in order to see results. I followed her program as instructed and within the third month, my hair begins to show progress. By the end of the sixth month, I had hair over my entire head and I even had a hairline again. I am very pleased with Joanne’s program and I would recommend her to anyone [who] needs help with his or her hair problems. I tell everyone I talk to how she grew my hair back. I am no longer embarrassed or scared to be among a crowd of people.”

Solutions for Any Stage of Hair Loss


We at Hairoots are professional cosmetologists and are currently training as Trichologist. We are taking our professional training in the hair industry to a much higher level. Our knowledge and skills have given us the ability to identify the causes of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp disorders. We have learned the importance of including nutrition and diet in our treatment programs to make every effort to restore the health of our clients' hair.

Professional Services Offered

  • Hair Thinning Solutions
  • Hair Enhancements
  • Chemo/Alopecia Prosthesis
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments
  • Hair and Scalp Analysis - Consultations
  • Laser Therapy
  • Nutritional Hair Growth Suggestions

Included in our services are: Precision cuts, relaxers, shampoo-blow dry and curl, etc.

If you want solutions to resolve your hair problems or know of someone who could use our services, call to schedule a consultation at 714 674-7668 or email: [email protected]

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