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Proven Hair Loss Treatment Options for
Men and Women

Even though the exact science is still being explored, the research is impressive. In a study that was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, the laser increased the strength of the hair follicle that literally means the hair looks fuller and thicker.

Laser Hair Therapy

The use of low-level lasers used for the treatment of hair loss is one of the latest breakthroughs in hair restoration therapy. Laser treatments have been used with great success in the hair industry for over 20 years starting in Europe. Although this treatment is relatively new here the United States, we are seeing tremendous improvement using laser treatments to help with the appearance of hair.

What Is Laser hair Therapy? A non-surgical procedure that is designed to arrest hair loss and stimulate the scalp to help promote healthy hair. Cold laser treatments are known to be safe, noninvasive and has had no know side effects. In January 2007 the FDA cleared the first and only device in history use to assist in hair re-growth, the Hair Max Laser Comb.

Researchers are still studying the technology; it is our understanding that the low level laser lights work as an “anagen inductor,” meaning it stimulates the hair’s natural growth. It is believed that the laser lights use photo-bio stimulation to increase blood flow to the scalp drawing the needed nutrients to nourish the hair follicles

Spending hours parting and un-parting your hair trying to make it look fuller? ......Are you trying to cover bald spots? If you answered yes, either question YOU ARE A CANDIDATE FOR LASER THERAPY

Thinning hair
Hereditary male/female pattern hair loss
Hair loss due to stress/medication
Hormonal hair loss

For some people there is no solution for re-growth when the hair follicles have completely miniaturized and the scalp is completely smooth. However, hair enhancements can be a effective option to cover areas reflecting hair loss.

Hair loss following childbirth is a natural reaction to hormonal changes in the body and tends to re grow once the body returns to normal. This can take up to 6 months to see new hair growth.

Stress and medications can also cause hair loss.

Excessive physical or emotional stress can cause one of two types of hair loss:

  • The more common type is called telogen effluvium. With this less severe type of hair loss, the hair stops growing and lies dormant, only to fall out 2 or 3 months later. Then it grows back within 6 to 9 months.
  • The other type of stress-induced hair loss is known as alopecia areata, and involves a white blood cell attack on the hair follicles. With this type of hair loss, the hair also falls out within weeks (usually in patches), but can involve the entire scalp and even body hair. Hair may grow back on its own, but treatment may also be required

If you feel you are experiencing hair loss due to medication prescribed by your doctor make an appointment to discuss matter.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Help simulate blood flow to the scalp
  • Help stop excessive hair loss
  • Restore vitality to the root encouraging healthy follicles
  • Results may be obtained in approximately six months

The laser treatment takes just 15 to 20 minutes

2 times a week
8 sessions – 4 weeks
Scalp treatments can be part of month to month treatments (optional)
DHT Inhibitor
Nutritional Program
Products are included, 1 month supply shampoo and conditioner

The consultation is a simple low cost assessment of the condition of your hair and providing you with treatment options. You will receive a detailed microscopic analysis of the scalp and hair to determine if our program can help stop your hair loss or restore the desirable length. During the consultation, a detailed evaluation of the following will be requested:

Family history
Lifestyle questionnaire
Dietary Evaluation
Scan – help to determine what nutrition your body prefer

This information helps us to determine the cause of the hair issues and helps to determine realistic expectations for results. The results will largely depend on the length of time and degree of the hair thinning.

In addition, this information will enable us to select a program that will accomplish the first step in treatment – reversal of the negative hair growth cycle. A microscopic analysis will be conducted every three months and photo image will be retained in your confidential files.

During treatment, it is common for clients to notice some improvement in the appearance of their hair within 3-month period. Hair may gradually become fuller, stronger and thicker. Continuous treatments are required even after the desired results achieved. This will prevent hair loss from returning.

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Laser is safe, noninvasive and has had no known side effects. In January 2007, the FDA cleared the first and only device in history to help re-grow hair, the Hair Max Laser Comb.




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