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Stop Hair Loss When It Starts

Hair Replacement for Men

We believe that a combination of nutritional supplements, laser therapy and therapeutic hair treatments (topical) works well in stopping hair loss and strengthening hair if stopped in early states. Our proven treatments can help.

  • Restore hair growth
  • Help keep what you have
  • Enhance and improve your overall health

A client with excessive hair loss, the therapeutic hair treatments is not an option. However, hair replacement is an alternative to having hair.

You Can Avoid Excessive Hair Thinning

AT HAIROOTS, we offer a variety of hair restoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the clients:

Most non-surgical hair restoration solution can give you more hair. It's just like your own, growing naturally. You will get the same total coverage of your scalp as you had when you were going bald.

Therefore, if you do not want to remain bald, you eventually are going to have to make a decision on which solution is best for you.

Hairoots offers the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement. Non-surgical grafting is by far the most undetectable method ever before offered and is available now.

Our non-surgical hair replacement studio combines technology and artistry, resulting in a totally natural looking and feeling integration of your own hair with just the right amount supplementary hair for your individual hair loss condition.

HAIROOTS PREMIER HAIR is the new, improved non-invasive custom hair replacement for men suffering the devastating effects of thinning hair and hair loss. With 100% human hair, the exclusive Premier hair is made of the thinnest, most porous layer of skin ever.

What does this mean for the man suffering from excessive baldness or hair loss? It means you can forget those silly toupees and wigs forever. Now, hair restoration alternative that surpasses any other available today.

This Is How Real Hair Grows

A full head of hair is evenly placed across the entire scalp, no bumps or irregularities, as is often the case with conventional hair replacement. Nor are there sparse areas, which often results from the incomplete coverage of transplants. This stunning replication of a head of growing hair, is made possible by the new derma-tech technology.

This Is How Real Hair Makes You Look

The pictures here...pretty much speak for themselves. But it is not just having hair that makes the man you see here look so much better. It is the hair itself - in perfect proportion and density to his existing hair with a hairline that matches the one he had before hair loss began. So naturally, he looks better.

Is Hairoots’ Hair like conventional hair replacement? You can answer that for yourself. What do you see in the photos on this page?

Hair. Scalp. Nothing else. This is what makes Hairoots Premier Hair a total departure from conventional hair replacement. The only commonality is that no surgery is involved. How is this all possible? By using 100% human hair.

As remarkable as it is, Hairoots hair systems unfortunately only works for about 70% of men suffering from excessive hair loss.

Essential to the success of the procedure is the condition of your scalp, the amount of remaining hair you have, and the pattern of your hair loss.

Find out what hair loss solution is right for you. Just give us a call and we will arrange for your confidential meeting with one of our specially trained Hairoots hair replacement consultants.

With hair restoration, there are many options to consider, but only one phone call you need to make. Call us today to schedule your confidential, no-obligation hair loss evaluation.


  • Confidential, no obligation scalp evaluation
  • A team of quality trained and experienced hair and skin specialists
  • Private styling rooms for both men and women
  • A business philosophy that "Honesty is the only way we do business!"

With hair restoration, there are many options to consider, but only one phone call you need to make. To receive a color brochure or schedule a private, confidential evaluation with one of our trained professionals, call Hairoots at (714) 674-7668.




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